Our clan will only have the strongest members, no Quitters at all. We never get over-confident over a win because we know that we must learn from winning and defeat.

    To Paricipate in Clan Wars!


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    To Paricipate in Clan Wars!

    Post by V~(Genasis) Paladin on Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:26 pm

    In order to compete in a Clan War/competition, you must have a deck strictly for competitions. This deck must be able to keep up against the current meta(odd-eyes magicians, kozmo, performapal, etc.). If it is to slow, to gimmicky, dead draws, not enough field presence, or for whatever reason can't keep up, then you can't participate in a Clan War. In order to know if you make the cut, you must be tested by (Genasis) Prism or V~(Genasis) Paladin. If we agree you have a strong deck and know how to use it, then put on your profile that you are a war member. So far in Clan Wars, we are 0-2. Lets make a comeback and hit the other clans HARD!!! Thank you.

    In addition, we will not take testing to be war members lightly. We will be strict and duel as if we are warring against each other. Our opponents won't go easy on us, so we won't either.

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